Florisson Communications is Ronald Florisson’s firm specializing in corporate, financial and issue communications. The focus is on critical communications.

Communication of issues whose solution is essential for the continuity of the company or organization. Positive, for example, in the case of mergers or acquisitions, negative in the case of court cases or potential negative publicity.


Quick to work and direct productive

We work according to the common lawyer’s model. An hour’s invoice, without hidden costs and without a retainer. Because we are well known in the field of management and finance, there is hardly any time to work in and we are immediately productive. Do you have an issue or an imminent conflict or is there a crisis in the air? It is recommended not to wait too long and to contact us immediately. We work in complementarity to communications departments that are focused primarily on customer and employee communication.

Corporate Govermance

In many industries Florisson Communicatie is active in the area of governance issues, both in the private and the public and semi-public sector. This may involve the departure of management board members and other key figures in the organisation; a difference of opinion between management board members and supervisory board members, or issues involving the departure of management board members and other key figures in the organisation: issues with shareholders and listed funds. Topics that require careful manoeuvring in order to limit the impact on the continuity of the business as much as possible.

As a former board member of representatives for institutional parties in the field of governance, a broad range of experience is gained, supplemented by experience as a manager in the corporate communications discipline at a large asset manager, a bank and the Ministry of Finance. Because there are major interests at stake, this is not a subject for experimentation, but it is better to go for certainty and soundness in terms of content.

If desired, the team can be supplemented with experienced company secretaries, speakers at shareholders’ meetings or governance experts.

Litigation communications

Litigation PR is the pro-active representation of media relations and reputation policy in disputes between organizations, from the start to the settlement of disputes to lawsuits. In contrast to Anglo-Saxon countries, Litigation PR is a rather unknown phenomenon in the Netherlands. Litigation PR often calls for an approach that exceeds boundaries.

New Dutch legislation will make that more and more (international) disputes will be contested under Dutch law in the near future. Litigation PR supports the communication of companies and organizations, as well as their lawyers, in situations of dispute.

Florisson Communications works closely with specialists in the field of Litigation PR. If the dispute has an international dimension, Florisson works together with specialized agencies all over the world. These communication agencies have specialized in Litigation PR and have a broad experience in issues such as supervisors, environmental claims, labor disputes, patent and patent law, fraud and class actions, etc.

Press office


Press office focuses on organizations that occasionally, whether intentionally or not, attract the attention of the media. But not often enough to keep a permanent spokesperson at work. Often the communication of these organizations is aimed at customers, prospects and employees. This service offered by Florisson Communicatieadvies is also ideal for non-Dutch financial institutions that wish to implement their corporate media policy in the Netherlands.

This service is perfect as an addition to internal or marketing communication departments that are often primarily focused on customers and employees. To ensure continuity, this service is offered as a team.

Hands-on communications in the field of governance and finance; for when it really comes down to it.


Years of experience in financial, corporate and issue communications.

Florisson Communications

When it really comes down to it.

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