Ronald Florisson

Experienced communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and at Government. Skilled in Financial communications, Public Affairs, Litigation communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Investor Relations, and Issue Communications.



Agency 2011 – now

Florisson Communications is Ronald Florisson’s firm specializing in corporate, financial and issue communications. The focus is on critical communications.

Communication of issues whose solution is essential for the continuity of the company or organization. Positive, for example, in the case of mergers or acquisitions, negative in the case of court cases or potential negative publicity.

Based on the modern network concept, customers are offered services that are tailor-made. Florisson Communications is powerful in strategic communication on complex issues, whether acute or not, in which multidisciplinary collaboration takes place with firms as accountants and law firms.

Executive Vice President Robeco Group

Assetmanagement 2001-2011


Corporate, issue and marketing communications in ten countries


Robeco Corporate Governance and SRI

Voting policy and execution at shareholders meetings of Robeco holdings

Engagement with listed companies about CG & CSR themes

CSR policy Robeco


Agency 2000-2001

Rabobank Head of External Communications
communication on ‘Donner Report’ on Disablement Insurance Act (‘WAO’)
communication on ‘Koning Report’ on European Subsidies Social Fund (‘ESF gelden’)
chairman of the monitoring board for ‘Gezondheidsloket’ (Health Office) on the Internet

Managing Director of Marketing and Communications

1999-2011 ICT Services

Marketing, empoyee and recruitment communications

VP Corporate Communications

1999 ERP-software

spokesperson Baan Company worldwide
member of the Leadership Team

Managing Director of Communications

1990-1999 Dutch Ministry of Finance

spokesperson for Ministers Wim Kok and Gerrit Zalm
member of Minister Staff
member of national forum for the introduction of the euro
chairman of communications forum for the introduction of the euro

Deputy director Communications

1988-1990 Ministry of Economic Affairs

spokesperson for Minister Rudolf de Korte, director CPB (Netherlands Bureau for
Economic Policy Analysis) Gerrit Zalm and Secretary-General Frans Rutten

spokesperson General Economic Politics
Introduction campaign internal market

Spokesperson National Budget

1983-1988 Ministry of Finance


Spokesperson National Budget Ministry of Finance


Netherlands Freedom of Information Act (‘WOB’) official for Ministry of

Finance, also Assistant to the Director of Communications

Personal assistant for member of the Dutch Lower House

1981-1983 Dutch Lower House

Social Affairs Committee with emphasis on ‘WOR’ (Works Councils Act) and
‘ARBO’ (health and safety services)


Political Assistant

1976-1982 County ‘s-Gravenhage

Current board positions

Partnership Better Supervision (services for internal supervisors in the semi-public sector)

Chairman d’Association Association for Communication Managers.

Director Foundation Dutch Governance Society

Board member Film producer Lumen

Past board positions

Stichting Corporate Governance (Representation of Asset managers and Pension funds to listed companies)
Filmhuis Den Haag
Muziekcentrum van de Omroep
Werkveldcommissie Haagse Hogeschool
Lumen Filmproducties
Vice chairman board of Eumedion (62 institutional organizations over 1000 billionAssets under Management)
Communications committees of VNO-NCW (Dutch Employers Organization)



Florisson Communications

When it really comes down to it.

  • Press office
    Issues with regulatory authorities
    Issue communications
    Public Affairs





  • Corporate Governance
    Litigation Communications
    Second opinion and coaching

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