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When it really comes down to it.

Florisson Communicatieadvies is  specialized in corporate, financial and issue communications. The focus is on critical communications.

Communication of issues whose solution is essential for the continuity of the company or organization. Positive, for example, in the case of mergers or acquisitions, negative in the case of court cases or potential negative publicity.


Spokesman to the media

Communications departments tend to focus on employees and customers. When it really comes down to it, more stakeholders come into the picture, such as regulators, the national media, executives, investigative authorities, etc. This gives a very different dynamic, requires different knowledge and experience. The spokesperson must stand firm. Especially when it comes to legal, financial and governance sensitive spokesmanship.



Press office focuses on organizations that occasionally, whether wanted or not, attract media attention. But not often enough to employ a permanent spokesperson. Florisson has multiple clients and therefore more media turnover than communications people in-house. It's like surgeons, maintaining surgical skills and doing it daily yields better results.



Your company encounters a society-wide issue. You want to set the agenda or the agenda is in danger of being set for you by others. A strategic approach that helps you to master the issue. Of course, if desired, you will be assisted in the implementation of the strategy.



Litigation PR is the proactive representation of media relations and reputation policy in disputes between organizations, from the beginning up to the verdict of disputes and lawsuits. Litigation PR often requires an approach that crosses national boundaries.

Higher efectiveness by focus.

Focus-oriented working and the lack of fixed costs for the client make it efficient and effective to outsource media and issue communications instead of having them in-house. For acute issues, you pay by the minute afterwards, for longer projects from half-day to week to monthly billing. Few in the market offer the client such flexibility. No cross-selling.

Second opinion and coaching

Is your organization taking the spotlight? And it must be successful? Second opinion avoids that the organization might lead to tunnel vision. Without any partial interest, a fresh look from the outside is taken to make sure no issues are overlooked. The outside is being brought inside.

With coaching, guidance and development of communication talent through practical hands-on guidance, work is taken out of your hands.

Public Affairs

Public affairs is about getting your information across to the right people at the right time. It is a complex game, mapping out the actors, their drivers and interests, whether expressed or not. Opponents are identified and supporters found. Special attention is paid to the forces at work within interest groups. If effective, a flanking communication strategy is devised and implemented.


Issues with regulators

The announcement of a penalty, intended or otherwise, by a regulator or a settlement with the public prosecutor often involves more damage than the penalty itself. Individual harm can be very significant.
Too often the focus is only on the legal aspects. It is usually better to do the story yourself, rather than the newspaper or your competitors. Key is that communications helps to minimize the impact on your organization's operations.

Corporate Communications

Florisson Communications works in many sectors on governance issues, both in the private and public as well the semi-public sectors. These issues can involve the departure of executives and other key figures in the organization, differences of opinion between the board and the supervisory board. Or issues between shareholders and listed companies. Topics that demand circumspect maneuvering in order to minimize the impact on the continuity of the business.

Experienced communications professional with broad experience in financial services, semi-public sector and central government. Specialized in financial communications, litigation communications, governance issues, investor relations and issue communications.

Clients in the banking, pension, asset management, education, corporate, healthcare, energy and agricultural sectors. Public, private and listed.

Ronald Florisson

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